Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tony + Myra {Anniversary // Southwest Missouri Couple Photographer}

I had the privilege of taking one year anniversary pictures for this lovely couple a few weeks ago.

They have been great friends of ours for a long time.  Tony is a very longtime and best friend of my husband's (longtime as in childhood!).  When Tony met Myra we acquired another wonderful friend. We have had a lot of great times and have made many memories together (carry on my wayward son!!) :) They tied the knot in last June 9th and I am very happy that I could take their anniversary pictures.  I hope next year we have a one year anniversary of taking anniversary pictures for their 2nd anniversary. ;)

Oh and how can I forget Lily! That cute pooch is their dog-ter Lily!

Without further ado, here are their pictures! :)  Be sure and leave them a comment telling them how awesome they are!

So cute.

And I HAD to include this last picture.  THIS is THEM.  I love this picture so much.  I don't think you could encapsulate a little family any better than this. :p

Congratulations on 1 year guys!! We look forward to celebrating many more years with you.