Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sienna + Cole {Mini Session Southwest Missouri Photographer}

I am a little behind doing this blog post, but better late than never right?

Sienna and I have been friends for a pretty long time. Almost 5 years.  She's a great person and I consider her a very good friend.  However, from what I'm about to say you probably wouldn't believe me.  I can't remember how we met.  That's okay though, because she can't either.  :)  We both think we met in class because we were both Graphic Design majors.  She's a way more talented graphic designer than I am, though.  I stick to the picture stuff mostly.  Though, I do very much enjoy design.  Then we found out that we had a mutual friend (who I also did a mini session for and will be blogging in the next few weeks!) and that made us even closer.  She threw my baby shower for me. Girl can make a mean cupcake. I took her graduation pictures. She and Megan (the mutual friend) came to see me after I had my baby. I tell ya, she's good people.

In addition to being extremely sweet, she is also very talented.  Here is a link to her blog which has some of her design work: and here is her Facebook page:  I have been wanting a new logo and "look" for Neely's Photography for a long time, so I asked her if she would be interested in doing that for me. I could probably design a logo for someone else, but when it comes to making things for yourself...well, it's hard! So, we decided to exchange 'services'.  And I am so excited. 1) Because we have been talking about me taking pictures for her since 2008 (I found the Facebook posts to prove it) and 2. I'm so excited to see the logo she designed for me (Keep on the look out for that, too!  She's very talented, so it's going to be good!).

She and her boyfriend Cole were both SO easy to take pictures of.  It's usually pretty easy to take pictures of couples when they like one another quite a bit. ;) The light was so pretty that evening.  It was cloudy all day, so we kept texting each other asking if it was sunny yet. When we first started talking she said she really wanted to do a picture where they were wrapped up in Christmas lights.  She was full of ideas.  It makes me so thrilled when clients are excited about their pictures, too!

Also, when I meet someone that is polite, I like to tell everyone about it.  These days not many people are.  Cole is a gentleman.  He was so polite and willing to do anything Sienna or I asked.  I remember Sienna had an idea for a picture and he said, "Whatever you want." I told her she better keep a tight hold on him. :p  But seriously, they're an adorable couple.  I love seeing people in love and happy.  Hopefully soon I'll be taking engagement pictures for you? Wink, wink? I really had a great time with you guys! Thank you for letting me take your pictures!

Enough rambling....that's not what you came here for, right? Onto the pictures... :)

I hope that you loved them! Share with your friends!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shawn + Sarah {Wedding Part 2 Southeastern Kansas Photographer}

Here is part two of Shawn and Sarah's wedding! This post includes the portraits and the reception.  If you can't tell by the pictures, everyone had a great time!  Their families and the wedding party were so great and fun to work with! And everyone had fun at the reception! It was so fun taking pictures of everyone dancing! Enjoy! :)

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