Monday, January 28, 2013

Jordan + Jerin {Engagement} Missouri Photographer

I was going through some older pictures the other day and came across Jordan and Jerin's engagement session.  After I thought about it for a second, I realized that I never posted it here!  That was October. Of 2011. I have no idea how I could forget to blog it because it was an awesome session!! I love when people have ideas for their session and have props.  It makes their sessions so much more unique and THEM!  Sorry I never posted this guys. I hope you'll forgive me.

You can view their beautiful wedding here!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tim + Megan {Mini Session Southwest Missouri Photographer}

I had initially scheduled to post this almost exactly one month ago.  I am a bad blogger and I apologize. ;)

I did this mini session for someone I consider one of my greatest friends for their Christmas cards.  I met Megan while working in the Career Services office at Pitt (the same way I met so, so many friends whom I hold very dear).  I could very easily say that Megan is one of my best friends.  She is so, so sweet and I love her to death.  This good-lookin' fella that's in the pictures with her is a really great guy.  You can really tell that they make each other so happy.  And that makes me happy. :) 

The light for this session was out of this world.  It was heavenly.  I say this a lot, I know...but this may be one of my absolute favorite sessions.  The road they found with all the ORANGE leaves...I can't even.  It's BEAUTIFUL.  Good eye guys. ;)

I had a great time, guys! I hope to be taking your engagement pictures soon? Wink, wink.

Here they are!  But sure and comment and let Tim and Megan know how awesome they are!