Sunday, May 24, 2009

Libby's Family Session

My mom works with Libby and she wanted a few pictures of her and her family. Her kids are so cute.

As soon as I got to their house, it started raining. I have the best luck. =P Here are a few of my favorites (There are a few more than usual because her kids are just so darn cute -- and a ton of fun, too!)

(Click on the pictures to make them larger)

I told them they couldn't say "puppies" without laughing to make them smile, so she started hopping around like a bunny. =P I love kids.

Right after he proved me right. =P (This might be my favorite picture overall.)

Isn't Mom pretty? :)

Of course I can't use this one, but I think it's adorable. Right before I left, the kids started getting comfortable (After the whole puppies/bunnies ordeal =P). He whispered to me to take a picture. I didn't have time to adjust the exposer, so it ended up being black. I fixed it the best I could, but unfortunately, won't be able to get it printed. I just had to add it because it's so cute.

I had a great time! The best pictures are when kids giggle. I love it.

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