Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shirts I designed for my Internship!

So, I did my internship with Sports World (Those in Barry County will know what I'm talking about. :p)

I designed over 50 shirts for them and they chose one for each school (Two for Cassville) to sell in the store. Here are the ones they chose, if you were curious. . . which I'm sure you're not. lol.

If you are from Wheaton or Purdy, I believe they're making one for each school soon. So you won't be left out. :)

Hope you guys like them!!

This one isn't printed the way that I wanted it to be. :( The Trojan head was suppose to be at the bottom of the shirt in the corner.

This one is also a little different than it was suppose to be. Both images needed to be a little bigger, but they're placed right.

This is the bottom image.
This is the top image.

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  1. I like the Cassville Rocks one the best....but I really like them ALL! I just can't believe you designed these :) (that's my proud smile)


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