Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tim + Megan {Mini Session Southwest Missouri Photographer}

I had initially scheduled to post this almost exactly one month ago.  I am a bad blogger and I apologize. ;)

I did this mini session for someone I consider one of my greatest friends for their Christmas cards.  I met Megan while working in the Career Services office at Pitt (the same way I met so, so many friends whom I hold very dear).  I could very easily say that Megan is one of my best friends.  She is so, so sweet and I love her to death.  This good-lookin' fella that's in the pictures with her is a really great guy.  You can really tell that they make each other so happy.  And that makes me happy. :) 

The light for this session was out of this world.  It was heavenly.  I say this a lot, I know...but this may be one of my absolute favorite sessions.  The road they found with all the ORANGE leaves...I can't even.  It's BEAUTIFUL.  Good eye guys. ;)

I had a great time, guys! I hope to be taking your engagement pictures soon? Wink, wink.

Here they are!  But sure and comment and let Tim and Megan know how awesome they are!


  1. SO ADORABLE!!!! Cute couple and amazing photographer :)

    1. Hilary!! Another one of my most favorite people!! You're awesome. ;) Thank you!


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