Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kristin {Graduation//Mini Session} {Southeast Kansas Portrait Photographer}

Kristin got in touch with me to take pictures for her to take some graduation pictures.  I was especially excited because she's graduating from my alma mater, Pitt State! Go'Rillas!! :)

That day called for winds up to 29 mph.  When I was outside it was constant wind. When I went back inside because I could barely stand without almost getting blown over, I stared out the window to see constant wind.  I have to admit, I was worried.  I really thought once we started we would have to stop and reschedule. Luckily, the wind started to calm down JUST in time.  Thank goodness!!

We met on campus and got some GREAT images. I mean, seriously. Look at those eyes! And that smile! Kristin was a pro and so, so sweet and fun!  I am so happy I could capture images for her in such an important time of her life!  Congratulations, Kristin!!  Once a Gorilla, always a Gorilla, eh? :)

Be sure and leave a comment telling Kristin how absolutely gorgeous she is!!


  1. So Proud of you girl! Congrats! And amazing pictures

  2. Your style will create itself after some time. The best way to be an incredible picture taker is to take a great many photographs!


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