Monday, July 1, 2013

"S" Family {Family Session // Southwest Missouri Family Photographer}

I met up with this darling family a few weeks ago to take their family pictures.  I was very excited when they contacted me since I'd taken some family pictures a few years before.  The girls have grown so much and have only gotten cuter.  They informed me that their names were Rapunzel and Barney and so that's how they were addressed through the session. I think they really got a kick out of it.  I know I did. :p  I love shooting at this location, too.  It's such a beautiful little farm.

I had a wonderful time with them and their pictures turned out great.  The girls did awesome and we only had one tiny cry that only lasted a few minutes.  And it made for a really cute picture, so it's ok. :)

Leave them a comment and tell them how cute they are! :)

And one more for fun.  Look at how much they grew between sessions! And cuter than ever!  I am so grateful when I am given the opportunity to watch clients grow throughout the years.  I love being able to share these memories with them and offer them the opportunity to have their growth and love captured.

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