Monday, October 28, 2013

Nathan + Stephanie {{50s Styled Anniversary Session // Southwest Missouri Styled Portrait Photographer}}

**This session was featured on the awesome Confetti Daydreams!! Please go check it out!**

If you remember last December I ran a giveaway for Christmas.  A lot of awesome people entered, but only 1 awesome person could win. And it was Stephanie! When she told me their idea, I was super excited! They're both super into the 50's era and really wanted a session in that style.  I've never really done a completely styled session before but have wanted to do one forever, so I was really happy to learn that this is what they wanted to do.

I think their images turned out amazing.  And while I wish I could take credit for everything, Nathan and Stephanie pretty much did everything.  They got the location, the car and the outfits.  I just came and took the pictures.  (The suitcases, camera, and compact were mine though! :p)

I also had the help of my awesome sister-in-law!  She's got a great eye and is a wonderful help when she comes along with me.  I'm always happy to have her.

I'm so happy with these images, so be prepared for probably the longest blog post I've done that isn't featuring a wedding.

Be sure and leave Nathan and Stephanie some comments at the end of the post to tell them how awesome their idea was!  And I forgot to mention, this is a session to celebrate their 1 year anniversary to tell them happy anniversary too!


  1. These are so wonderful!!!! You're going to make a killing off the prints, because there is NO way they cannot print EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!!!! ;) Fantastic job :)

    1. Thank you so much, Whitney!! These definitely aren't all of them but most of my favorites. :)

  2. NEELY!! Thank you so much! We are thrilled with our pictures & absolutely fell in love with this blog. It is absolutely beautiful. You couldn't have done a better job, throughout the entire process. We couldn't ask for more. And yes, we would love to get every single image printed! We can't wait! Thank you!

    1. STEPHANIE! You're welcome so much! :) I'm so, so happy that you love your pictures. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the whole process and I was able to make it fun and enjoyable for you! That's always my goal so I'm so pleased to hear when I've met it. :)


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