Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Daniel + Chelsea {Southwest Missouri Engagement Photographer}

When my Facebook page hit 1,000 likes I ran a giveaway. Daniel won and I'm super glad that he did because it gave me the chance to take engagement pictures for him and his fiancé Chelsea.

Chelsea and I actually went to school together and also played on the same softball team (She's an awesome softball player, by the way!). She is sooo sweet and has such a wonderful personality! Her laugh is contagious.  So, I wasn't surprised when she showed up with a fiancé equally as cool as her.  I had such a great time with them!! And I'd also like to mention how photogenic they are…which you'll see when you look at their photos…I swear they're not models that I hired.

Also, I'm sure that you will notice the absolutely beautiful backgrounds in the images.  A friend of Daniel's was nice enough to allow us to use their property for the evening.  I was seriously in awe of how beautiful their home and property was.  So a huge thank you to them!!  Chelsea brought the adorable table and chairs.  She redid them herself! Crafty lady! When she told me she was bringing them, I thought it was the perfect excuse to go buy a gallon of tea (because I may or may not have enjoyed the tea we didn't use later at home….) to set up a cute little scene for them.

Hope you enjoy!!

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