Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Adam + Rachel {{Wedding Part 2 // Northeastern Kansas Wedding Photographer}}

Here is part two of Adam and Rachel's wedding! This one is pretty long, but I just couldn't leave out all the great images from the reception!  To see part one click here. To see part three click here.

Adam and Rachel's ceremony and reception were both held at Stony Point Hall.  The ceremony was beautiful and included lots of very happy tears.  The reception was so much fun!! I was especially fond of the gentleman dressed all in black. You'll see him in many of the images.  He was an absolute hoot!  So much fun!  In one collage, you can see him dancing all by himself.  He was showing me how his uncle use to dance.  So sweet.

You can tell what a close and happy family they have.  Everyone had a wonderful time together celebrating with Adam and Rachel!

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