Sunday, August 10, 2014

Harper {{Newborn Lifestyle Session // Southwest Missouri Newborn Lifestyle Photographer}}

I've had the honor of photographing Tim and Megan twice before.  You can see those sessions here and here.  On those posts I've gone into the backstory of how I know the wonderful Megan.  But just in case you don't want to go back and read those, long story short, I met her while working in the Career Services office at Pittsburg State University.

Megan is a SWEETHEART and I love her to death.  I'm so happy I've been able to photograph so many different times in her life.  Tim is a such great guy and I'm so happy they have each other and now this beautiful baby girl!

They were nice enough to allow me into their home to try my hand at a newborn lifestyle session.  It's something I've always wanted to do, but I never had the opportunity until now.  I absolutely loved every second of it.  Harper was asleep when I arrived, but she woke up very soon after and was bright eyed and bushy tailed almost the whole session. She took one tiny nap after she ate and that let us get some adorable pictures of her in her crib, but woke up again in time to be a cute little turtle.  That's something I love about lifestyle sessions.  She didn't have to be asleep.  We just documented the little family as they were in their home, which is the whole point of a lifestyle session and what makes them so refreshing and sweet.

I hope that you guys love these images as much as me.  Thanks again to Tim and Megan (and Harper!) for tolerating me shoving my camera in their  faces for a few hours!

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