Thursday, February 4, 2016

Matt + Chelsea {{Wedding Part 2 // Southwest Missouri Wedding Photographer}}

This post is going to highlight Matt and Chelsea's beautiful ceremony and fun reception! I was going to throw in the portraits too, but they're so gorgeous that I think they deserve their own post. Look for those tomorrow!

So, you'll scroll towards the bottom and you'll see Chelsea's mom covered in pie. In the last post you'll see images of a honeymoon fund with jars with pictures of the bridal party. Whoever got the most money at the end of the night would get a pie in the face. Turns out, each jar actually had a picture of a parent under the bridal party pictures. Tyler, Chelsea's brother's jar got the most money and underneath was Chelsea's mom. So, she was the lucky winner of a pie in the face. She was super pumped if you can't tell. :p

Here are some of my favorites from the ceremony and reception! :)


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